Love ❤ the People You Work With

Why work with us?
It’s simply better here. Period.

Start Here. Go Far.
Make Your Mark.

Make a real difference

We are a young company with an simple idea. To create one single hub for everything gaming related. As we are a young company it also reflects our environment. We are a team of young people and huge ambitions and we’re in it for the game!

So What Does This Mean For Me?


By joining our team you will also enter an industry that is one of the world’s fastest growing industries at the moment, with and expected growth of the gaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.2% during the period of 2015-2020, respectively, which means stability and job security within our business area.

As you join our team, you will have an opportunity to enter a company in an early phase, where you are likely to be part of the process of shaping the company and make a real impact on your career. Our working environment is also reflected by that we are in the gaming industry and we do believe in that it should be fun, interesting and inspiring to come to work, but fun will not take us there alone; dedication and focus from sharp and highly motivated people like you, will take us higher towards the goals we have set as an company.

You will have an opportunity to shape your own path within the company, regardless of your area competence and there is room for several different paths to take towards developing your coming future career.