Our Company Culture

We are literally game on!
Learn more about our work environment and our own ways of doing things.

We are a value-driven organization.

Our values strongly reflects the thought that no company or organization can ever be built without a sound foundation of a powerful set values and be successful.

Our ultimate goal is to create real value and it is therefore an clearly defined objective that all parties involved in our dealings with us such as; end-users, customers, employees and partners etc. will be successful and satisfied with the way we treat them and how we handle their business.

“The quality of being light-hearted or full of fun.”


We firmly believe in rock-solid laser
focus, but also believe in that a
workplace should be fun, inspiring and meaningful place that helps
each individual grow to in their role.

We characterize playfulness as being creative, open-minded, innovative and always explore new ways of doing things, in new ways it haven’t been done before.

Joining our team means that you will be entering into an environment where you can grow and develop, but also where your will be put on test as we require the highest standards from our employees.

Our culture is distinct and essential to our success, and it begins with our team of people. We seek out bright, curious, engaging people; by supporting their growth, we nurture dynamic careers and position our employees to make a real difference.

Solving the hardest problems requires the best people. We think that the best people will be drawn to the opportunity to work on the hardest problems.

Having the right people
for the ride is important

Our job is get the sharpest minds on our bus.

Get on the ride of your life

Seeking out new opportunities and turning visions into reality and real value for everyone requires an exceptionally good team of people working together towards clearly defined goals and the most important part is that everyone on board our bus understands what is required of them to accomplish the mission.

As a company it is our mission to support and nurture our employees with the right set of tools so that we eventually end at the right desired destination.

To do that we need you to be involved and highly engaged in what we do. If you define yourself as a sharp, highly motivated person that wish to develop your career and succeed in the gaming industry then you might be the right fit for us.