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Below you can see examples of different career paths of opportunities that exists within our company. We seek talented people and highly motivated individuals to many various professions.

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IT Developer

Super geeky, love coding and everything tech? Having your head deep inside a server is just the best thing one can do! Working & helping us develop our awesome services for our end-users is secret dream for you!
Coding is poetry, huh?


Crazy about promotion and advertising? You simply cannot stop talk all the time about how good products deals you have and want everyone to know it? Ever been called a spammer? Sure you have!
Does it sound like you?


Are you all about crunching the numbers and just have extreme case of OCD over the small little details and solving problems?
It is interesting, yeah we know!! This is not at all dreadful boring and nerdy..
Alrighty then.. We do understand!

Human Resources

You must be the person that are very curious about people and just can't stop trying to figure who they are?
Human psychology is your fav evening reading too?
Shall we talk??

Business Development & Administration

Meetings are just so overrated!
You prefer to pursuing strategic opportunities, than wasting time.
We heard that you are pretty good on chess & Civilization VI too?

Customer Service

We know you have homeless, helpless puppies and kittens at home. You love helping everyone out and make people feel good and well treated,
Such wonderful good hearted person you are!!


You just must have the newest gadgets before everyone else and the tech news.. That's awesome!
Because our customers need help from a knowledgeable and helpful tech person with IT from to time.

Sales & Account Management.

Being number one is the name of the game! You are the game changer and it's all about talking on the phone all day long, sending emails to customers, meeting people and closing the deal.

Did we catch your attention? Sweet!